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An annual conference, a monthly professional association meeting, or that brand-new speaker series you decide to check out…if you have a networking event on your calendar, you might be faced with the challenge of how to make it a success, and leave feeling like it was time well spent.

You’ve arrived at your interview early, or with a few minutes to spare — great! Congratulations on not being late.

However, you may find yourself in that “hurry up and wait” zone of discomfort: forced to bide your time until the interview begins.

Let’s think about how you can make the most of this transition.

Job hunting. It can be one of the single most challenging, and downright infuriating, necessities that comes with having a career. What’s even more frustrating? The number of times we can expect to CHANGE jobs during our lifetimes — whether we want to or not.

Building your personal brand can be the difference between surviving organizational change with your employer and failing to make the cut. Or, if you’re looking outside your current walls, between landing a new role and losing it to your competitor.

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