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  • Ready for a Brand New You in 2018? There is a lot of buzz around personal branding. What is it? How can it help your career? Why do you need one? As Tom Peters wrote (way back in 1997!) in his groundbreaking article “The Brand Called You”: “It’s time for me — and you — to take a lesson from the big brands, a lesson that’s true for anyone who’s interested in what it takes to stand out and prosper in the new world of work.…We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc… It’s that simple — and that hard. And that inescapable.”

  • Job hunting. It can be one of the single most challenging, and downright infuriating, necessities that comes with having a career. What’s even more frustrating? The number of times we can expect to CHANGE jobs during our lifetimes — whether we want to or not.

    Building your personal brand can be the difference between surviving organizational change with your employer and failing to make the cut. Or, if you’re looking outside your current walls, between landing a new role and losing it to your competitor.

  • Imagine getting on the elevator in the lobby where you work. To your surprise, the CEO steps into the elevator as the doors begin to close. What do you do? Put your head down? Throw on your invisibility cloak? Or do something even more crazy like… speak?

    Sometimes we create an opportunity for career growth, like successfully getting an interview for a job. Other times an opportunity might present itself unexpectedly, like someone important to our career stepping onto an elevator as we ride to the 8th floor together.

  • “I’m not sure my resume and LinkedIn profile represent my experience.”

    “I want to give a more confident answer when someone asks me what I do.”

    “I don’t know what my strengths are.”

    I have heard these comments from countless clients over the years. The underlying question here: “Who am I (and can you help me figure that out)?” And it all boils down to establishing a personal brand.



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