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Research shows that practicing gratitude on a regular basis is linked to enhanced self-esteem, feeling more positive about work, improving and strengthening relationships, becoming more effective managers and teammates, and reducing stress. To name a few!

Here are three ways to practice gratitude to improve your career happiness – and perhaps even find deeper meaning in your work.

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” – William Arthur Ward 

Instead of: Coming up with a few things that you are thankful for to share at the Thanksgiving dinner table once a year….

Try: Practicing gratitude in the workplace. Here’s how…

  1. Be thankful for something each day at work. It might be the morning sun when you got up, the lighter-than-usual commute, the meeting that went well, that lunch with a colleague, a compliment from a teammate. It may be the fact that you got through a tough presentation. Or that you sent out one resume even when you didn’t feel like looking for a job that day. In this fast-paced, modern era, it can be hard to stop and find something each day that we feel grateful for – especially when things are not going well. However, that’s often the moment you may want to focus on feeling grateful. Research shows that when we practice gratitude during times of distress, we actually lessen those negative emotions, which reduces stress and fosters resilience.

  2. Look to give to others. Give back to others and you will experience a sense of greater fulfillment. Look around you at work and decide: Who can I help? You have skills, expertise, and experiences that can tremendously benefit someone’s professional development. Think about who you can mentor or coach to improve their career. You may be surprised by a newfound sense of confidence, and be on the receiving end of someone else’s gratitude.

  3. Appreciate other people’s accomplishments. You know that colleague who seems to effortlessly get it all done and build a successful career? It’s easy to be envious of what we feel we don’t have. But try to appreciate others’ accomplishments, and you might experience a shift. Offer a word of praise or thank someone for what he or she brings to the table (that you don’t!). Your envy might all but disappear, and you may potentially create better working relationships.

Every day I am grateful for the hundreds of people (and counting!) who have chosen and trusted me to help them discover and enjoy greater career happiness. One of my favorite parts, after 15 years? Shining the light on my clients’ amazingly unique skills, strengths, and personal brands. I am grateful that you, reader, took few minutes today to read this, and I hope it helps you become happier with your career. Happy Thanksgiving! ~ Ellen.


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